Buy less,choose well,and make it last, Vivienne Westwood

Detox dressing


The surplus

Your dressing room is crammed full and yet you still wear the same outfits? You have bought clothes and never worn them? Your body has changed but you have difficulties accepting it? Pregnancy, medical treatment, fatigue, also some clothes fit no longer. You have the feeling of having nothing to wear yet your dressing says the opposite. It's time for your dressing room be more suitable for you! During this session, I will make sure that each piece you want to keep flatters you and corresponds to your lifestyle as well as
your personality.


I will tell you who you are

The clothes you wear and how you wear them are influenced by factors such as your age, lifestyle, environment, budget, culture and personal preferences. We will therefore define together the different contexts in which you live in order to think about appropriate and adapted models. Thanks to an analysis of your closet, I will find your true identity so that each morning, compose an outfit is for you a real pleasure!



Your dressing must reflect your personality, and it must evolve according to your lifestyle. I deeply believe that having your own style is the result of good self-knowledge. Our image, the coherence between our self and what we want to show is essential in our relationship to others. That's why colors, cuts, materials and patterns are all elements that make up our dress style. I will help you find the dormant treasures of your dressing, to harmonize your looks, to match colors and materials, in short to make sure that your dressing looks like you!


A practical dressing

A practical wardrobe is a set of accessible pieces in a tidy wardrobe, that really suit you, durable and style trendy. You can combine these pieces easily because they are already organized in outfits ready depending on the occasion. To do so, simply organize your wardrobe to make it more convenient, less crammed and more pleasant. Behind this concept that is not revolutionary, it is a whole philosophy of life that we find, that of "less is more": get rid of the surplus to live better.


Good basics

A basic garment is sober, timeless and versatile. It's the backbone of an effective wardrobe, it's Mlle Chanel's little black dress "With good basics you will have endless options," you can create unlimited looks because they combine with everything! We can always count on them if we lack inspiration, they are reassuring and give us confidence in us to move forward.



The idea of this "detox wardrobe" is to reduce and optimize the contents of your wardrobe to make your life easier. Sorting is choosing but it is also giving up. I'm going to help you get rid of all that does not create joy, because putting on an outfit that you like is a great way to start the day.

Lieu : déplacement à votre domicile sur Bordeaux et la Métropole
Durée de l’expérience : 3h30  |  Heure de rdv : 10h ou 14h
Langues parlées : français, anglais | Tarif de l’expérience : 195 €

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