a moment to think of oneself only

VIP Shopping Tour

Place : Bordeaux  |  Duration A half day 
From 650 €
1 person
Spoken languages : english, french & spanish

a moment to think of

Oneself only

Enjoy a unique shopping experience created especially for you, in the heart of Bordeaux. Take a break and become the center of attention. During your session, my one and only project will be to highlight you, to bring out your beauty and to make you shine until your eyes reflect our success!


Make the right choice

A simple questionnaire to identify your tastes and expectations will allow me to customize an appropriate selection of the best addresses in the city. Those which will compose your ideal shopping day in Bordeaux. My role will be to guide your steps by my wise advice, we will determine the parts essential to your wardrobe while ensuring that they will be perfectly adapted to your lifestyle.


On D-Day

I look forward to meeting you in an elegant and relaxed setting where I will present to you the shopping itinerary that I developed for you. I took care to diversify my selection by offering independent designer boutiques, fine leather goods, vintage clothes, concept store and of course luxury shops.


On the essentials

In order to optimize your time, I have pre-selected several models that are waiting for you. This is the perfect opportunity to try new looks, and dare to buy new pieces that you have never considered.


With rules

Imagine your private shopping session as an exclusive experience. Give yourself the freedom of tailor-made fitting and discover the personality inside you. Free yourself from clichés, from routine, and dare to become who you are.


Of style

During this wear coaching session I will teach you to balance a look, give it more substance, more finesse in detail. I will also demonstrate the power of seduction of the accessory, the detail that changes everything.


The indispensable memo

You will discover a method of purchase, and I will help you build a wardrobe suited for all circumstances. To make sure you do not forget these valuable suggestions, you'll receive a digital lookbook that will sum up an amazing day with your fashion address book and valuable tips adapted to your style.

I'm looking forward to meeting you, so see you soon!

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