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Alicia Keane

« my mission is to simplify your life  »

Alicia Keane

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Inspired by fashion and creative at heart, I wanted to explore the various facets of this trade. Starting with the basics, namely the sewing that I learned in a workshop in the Basque Country.

Then I crossed the Atlantic towards Montreal where I had the opportunity to have two exciting jobs. Assistant designer for Valérie Dumaine and then costume designer in the film industry.

Finally I completed this fashion course with a personal stylist training in Dublin. I wanted to be able to put my designer skills at the service of those wishing to change their styles.

Thanks to these experiences, I was able to develop my sense of fashion, some idea of what it represents for me. Today it must be versatile, accommodating. What I expect from a garment is aesthetics and functionality. It should never constrain the body but rather be considered as an expression of oneself.


A mean of expression

Style is first and foremost a personal matter. It reflects our character, our thoughts and moods. It is a way of telling others who we are without speaking, a mark of distinction that affirms how unique we are.

Shaping one's style is knowing who one is, accepting it, expressing it loudly and above all, making it evolve. Sometimes, there is a problem. Our life changes but our style does not always follow, sometimes it remains fixed at a stage of our life and no longer corresponds to us.

The path

Toward self-confidence

You certainly know people who have the gift for transforming an ordinary garment into an exceptional one. Yet having style is not innate, it is neither an excess of talent nor a matter of budget. What is their secret ? It's simple, they know what makes them stand out.

Would you like to develop this talent? I will explain the basics that are necessary to understand the dynamics of your body and the effect of clothing on it. The goal: to teach you to dress with confidence and success.


Of shopping in Bordeaux

It was last year that I decided to launch a brand new shopping accompaniment service in Bordeaux. Whether you are fond of vintage, French brands, or great couturiers you choose your shopping itinerary according to your desires.

With personalized fashion experiences, I propose a different alternative to traditional shopping tours. The principle is simple, I accompany you to the shops that fit your budget, your needs and your personality.


Our services

Luxury Personal


This exceptional shopping experience, with a personal stylist at your disposal, ensures a unique moment that is entirely dedicated to you. With smart style advice, unmissable fashion addresses, but especially a pre-selection of pieces waiting for you in store, you will enjoy what Bordeaux has to offer.

The shopping tour

Discover fashion differently

My shopping itineraries have been studied and tested to save you time by selecting the best fashion addresses in Bordeaux. Let yourself be guided to discover the exclusiveness of Bordeaux fashion located off the beaten track. You will meet the artisans, the creators who hide behind the brands of each store. You will live a local and authentic shopping experience.



You would like to know what garment models are made for you, how to make the right choices? But however you are in a dressing rut and you do not know how to get out of it. During this meeting, we will scan all the necessary steps to improve your everyday looks. In addition, a personal lookbook where the many associations of clothing classified by occasion will be recorded .



Eliminate old, poorly fitting or obsolete clothes and make room for new ones! Changing your closet is the first step towards getting an organized wardrobe that is smart and appropriate to your lifestyle. Having me at your side eliminates the uncertainties about what should be kept, discarded or recycled. Enjoy a smart and suitable wardrobe that allows you to dress with clarity and ease.