Myself and my mum had a wonderful time with Alicia on one of our last days in Bordeaux. Neither of us had done anything like this before and thought it would be fun. Alicia is so nice, charismatic and very stylish but, most importantly, passionate about style and finding the right fit and colour for us. We felt very special having clothes already laid out and chosen for us and having special treatment with changes rooms and coffee from the lovely independent boutiques and shops! Not only did we both come away with lots of lovely items, but we also picked up loads of tips on how to shop in a more considered and effective way to suit our shape, complexion and wardrobes. I would highly recommend Alicia’s shopping experience whether you’re a fashion novice or fashion fiend. We were both on a high afterwards and went for a nice glass of Crémant in the Maison du Vin afterwards to celebrate (also recommended!).